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Historias de Marte

Happy 2018

By Marte Martin | December 31, 2017

Historias de Marte / Ad-venture

Fashion Top Model & Actress Cara Delevingne. PHOTO: gotceleb.com

The Alternative Life

21st Century Gypsies, Professionals In The Juice of Co-existence

By Marte Martin | December 20, 2017
Category: Ad-venture

To co-exist as 21st century professionals, we now have the added responsibility to stay current and to continuously expand our skills, independently of where we live or work. We must understand that 'creativity' will be the decisive resource, creativity becoming a critical tool to solving complex challenges and to lead organizational change across all industries and business functions.

The knowledge, the experience and the data economies are giving us way to the creative economy, where atomized co-existence is the new order. The rest of the 21st century becomes a climb to the peak of automated-innovation.

Imagine building in a scenario where co-existence is frequent and intense, where sharing your time and space with others becomes very normal and valuable. You can now buy and sell your 'co-existence' as a commodity, to allow yourself and others reach new peaks (or maybe not, we shall see). Regardless, a new and notorious industry is born.

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By Daniel Quinn [Book Review 2017]

By Marte Martin | September 27, 2017
Featured: Big Picture

“Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.”

Writer Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael tells the story of “how things came to be this way” in our world. Through Ishmael, Mr. Quinn tells us about the world, about humanity and about the serious problems facing us.

Most people are aware of these problems, still many think “this is the way it is meant to be”. What must we DO if we “earnestly want to save the world?” Ishmael leads us to the answer.

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Historias de Marte / Big Picture

Home Data Management. SOURCE: Marte Martin

Data, The New Public Utility

An essential part of daily life as any common utility service

By Marte Martin | August 1, 2017
Category: Ad-venture

Yes, the kind of utility you might be thinking about: gas, electric, telephone or water. In most people’s minds, perhaps without realizing it, data is becoming just as essential part of daily life as any common utility service.

We are only now beginning to expect to have data delivered to us with the same consistency, reliability and at relative low prices as the utilities we all use. We will consume data in a seamless manner, and our relationship with data will be complementing and a natural one. In addition to our natural-gas company, water company or electricity company, a ‘data-management company’ will provide us with a standard service to capture, store, secure, process, visualize and deliver all the data which is meaningful to us and our close ones – a one stop shop for all our big data needs and regardless of its origin –.

This new basic service will enable us to be consistently more creative with our time, and ultimately our lives

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