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These days, I'm a venture associate doing business as Marte Martin Venture Agency, where I focus on entrepreneurial finance and the promotion of new ventures.

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Historias de Marte

by MarteMartin

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The Creative Economy

An Opportunity for a Shared European Identity

By: Marte Martin | February 27, 2020
Category: Big Picture

“Go West, young man, and grow up with the country” became one of the most famous phrases of the late 19th century, inspiring millions to find their fortunes beyond the Mississippi river. Today, as America and the world move into the digital age, many are still ‘moving west’ in great numbers, giving a new metaphorical meaning to the old saying.

The excited buzz that drew miners, cowboys and settlers to the west of America resurges to encourage new and old generations around the world to create new technology, spreading innovation to break through the new frontiers of knowledge and into the first digital civilization.

This story is about where we are as Europeans in a creative economy, it's about Europe being competitive in attitude and values which result in entrepreneurial creativity, innovation, and perhaps, a shared European identity.

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Why Do We Love To Travel?

Decoding the travel PR machine, and travel as a creative booster

By Marte Martin | August 21, 2019
Category: Adventure

Do you ever wonder why we all seem to be so eager to travel these days? Surely there are obvious things to be gained from traveling, like meeting people, seeing new places or going through new experiences. But aren’t we, often, making too much of a big deal out of traveling?

Scientists and enthusiasts alike recognize that traveling has the potential to cause positive mental change. They have learned that traveling can enhance creative-thinking, which in turn can be essential to achieving personal success. The business world too recognizes that international experience prepares people to work and compete in a global economy.

But not all travel experiences will grease the wheels towards a more creative life nor greater success – how we approach those experiences is critical to determine creative growth, both personally and professionally.

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Marte Martin

Virtual CFO, Agency Services

By Marte Martin | June 30, 2019
Category: Agency

When to venture?

We provide assurance on the financing strategy of entrepreneurial ventures. We apply investment criteria to assess the business case, venture potential and risks.

What to account for?

We provide short-term and temporary solutions to grow the financial capabilities of ventures. We build enterprise applications which track data and reflect financial control.

How to interpret value?

We provide numerate materials which portray commercial potential and shape corporate opinion. We communicate the competitive drive of the venture by quantifying value creation.

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Big Picture

District of Arganzuela / Source: Google Maps

The Curious Case of Arganzuela

Madrid's Creative & Innovation Hub

By Marte Martin | January 8, 2019
Category: Big Picture


The sky is the limit for tech, innovation and creatives in Madrid. Local, national and international talent enjoy one of the most liveable cities in the world, with excellent infrastructure and probably the friendliest atmosphere you can find anywhere.

The district of Arganzuela exemplifies the finest in Madrid’s character of enthusiasm and sobriety. It's the greenest and most dynamic district, and for some time now, it's where innovation, entrepreneurship and the creative industries have found a home.

Arganzuela is likely to become the next best place to start a business. Global companies which promote the new economy, such as Google, Amazon, Acciona, Repsol, Netflix, Ericsson, CLH or Airbus are moving in.


El cielo es el límite para la tecnología, la innovación y las industrias creativas en Madrid. El talento local, nacional e internacional disfruta de una de las ciudades más habitables del mundo, con una infraestructura excelente y quizás el ambiente más amigable que un@ pueda encontrar en cualquier lugar.

El distrito de Arganzuela es el mejor ejemplo de entusiasmo y sobriedad de Madrid. Es el distrito más verde y dinámico, y donde la innovación, el espíritu emprendedor y los creativos han encontrado un hogar.

Es más que posible que Arganzuela se convierta en el siguiente mejor lugar del mundo para ser creativo y emprender. Empresas globales que promueven la nueva economía, como Google, Amazon, Acciona, Repsol, Netflix, Ericsson, CLH o Airbus han aterrizado en Arganzuela.

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